Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why isn't it called the Smithfield Flu?

While right wingers are blaming this flu on Mexican immigrants; it turns out it is the American owned Smithfield Pork plant in Mexico; that is polluting the local area with its diseased filth. All unregulated; (thats why they are in Mexico). Do we have another scourge that can be pinned on past prezgeorge and his wingnuts?

The Quintissential Voice of Sanity

Telling it like it is; before the mainstream media even discovers it exists.. Mike Malloy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For once we agree with George:

"War Criminals will be prosecuted. It will be no defense to say "I was just following orders"- G.W. bush
I guess this applies to each and every interrogator in the U.S camps. You can't just say that Judge Bybee; said it was O.K..... Sorry.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Regarding Torture: So I assume that every torturee is given a complete EKG stress test heart evaluation; to make sure they don't go into coronary arrest from the increased serious stress on the heart. Oh; doesn't happen? So if like Dr. Mengele was standing in the room, present, would it not be torture? You could get more info; and less hate out of the prisoner if you offered him a hamburger when he was hungry for what he knows. Standard military procedure. And when is brave Mr. Limbaugh going to volunteer to be a waterboarding test subject? Oh; you mean he hasn't yet volunteered?

John Boehner thinks CO2 is a carcinogen

We all know rethuglicans don't understand science. But even folks who have failed chemistry; know that no one execpt Boehner have ever claimed that CO2 is a carcinogen; and everyone knows that cows fart methane; and not CO2; so this guy really demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of the complex subject of global warming.

Obama leads impressively if not cautiously

The slow process of the recovery of this nation is now in it's twelfth week, the major obstacle still dogging Obama is that the rethiglicans haven't yet gone away...

Posted from the War Zone i.e. The streets of America

Earth-Sized Planet Discovered By Scientists

The newly discovered planet is just another "Venus" too hot to be too interesting; but it won't be long before we get the ace in the hole; another Earth.
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