Wednesday, June 25, 2008

John MacComputer-illiterate

Does he use The Google? Is he familiar with The Internets? Apparently not. His wife has to explain it to him. Maybe thats why we hear ridiculous comments about how Ebay will solve our economic problems in America. Didn't we already "elect" or perhaps appoint, if you prefer a dullard?

On a side note; it needs to be exposed; that McCain is extremely superstitious; and engages in numerous bizarre superstitious rituals; involving pennies; salt and lucky pens. Are decisions of war and peace and policy going to be made; dependent upon whether this dumb freak picks up a lucky penny in the morning; or whether he remembered to throw salt over his shoulder? This is some serious psychopathology for someone who wants to occupy the Oval Office. There is no way this freak will ever be elected... At least we hope. Knock wood.

"Fool me once; shame on.....Foolme; we can't get fooled again."

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