Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cellphones and Safety

Kiddies; this is your brain. This is your brain next to a cellphone. These are popping kernals. These are popping kernals popping into popcorn next to some cellphones.

Any Questions?

Very interesting vid; and in fact I had a family member who some time after using some of the early model cellphones expired (and it wasn't pretty) from a brain glioma in the general area of where one holds one phone. This raises some new issues and avenues to explore. Although many studies still claim cellphones are safe; they are flawed studies; using improper methodologies, such as studying users who only use their phones once a week. The new theory out there; that is floating around is that the information in the cellphone carrier wave affects minute critical processes in the world of cellular metabolism. Might be. In the meantime; don't wait for the government to protect you. Use an earpiece.

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