Friday, February 29, 2008

Obama is no John Kerry

Obama is going to do it right this time; and respond to the devious swiftboating political attacks by the Republithugs. Not only is he no John Kerry; he is no Hillary Clinton. Its quite incredible; regarding this insane waste of a war; Barack and the people all got it right from the start; and none of us are Senators. None of us were fooled into supporting the war like Senator Hillary. The Rolling Stone calls it her "Big Blunder". It was damned easy for any normal person to see that Junior bush was full of horse manure. Nothing could have been more obvious. That is why she continues to lose state after state; and will lose to Obama. Obama will indeed win the Democratic nomination. And by the way don't let any Republithugs get away with calling us the "Democrat" party. This things have a tendency to sink in, after a while. Tell them to knock if off...

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