Friday, February 29, 2008

Obama is no John Kerry

Obama is going to do it right this time; and respond to the devious swiftboating political attacks by the Republithugs. Not only is he no John Kerry; he is no Hillary Clinton. Its quite incredible; regarding this insane waste of a war; Barack and the people all got it right from the start; and none of us are Senators. None of us were fooled into supporting the war like Senator Hillary. The Rolling Stone calls it her "Big Blunder". It was damned easy for any normal person to see that Junior bush was full of horse manure. Nothing could have been more obvious. That is why she continues to lose state after state; and will lose to Obama. Obama will indeed win the Democratic nomination. And by the way don't let any Republithugs get away with calling us the "Democrat" party. This things have a tendency to sink in, after a while. Tell them to knock if off...

Obama can easily sink McCain like a Lead Log...

President Obama. It's got a nice ring. Here is how he can derail the McCain candidacy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Speak ill of science; at your peril...

And when these religious geezers get sick; they will run straight to the hospital and its marvels of high health technology. You can't have it both ways folks. But of course you will, you'll just ignore your own hypocrisy to get well..;-)

Ralph is a little Nutty

Ralphie baby; say your peace and speak speak speak; but for gods sake don't screw up the presidential race AGAIN....

Make youtubes, appear on TV shows, but stay out the race. Is that so hard to sink in???

oh BTW; thanks for the Iraq war....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dumbo the Cowboy enlightens Ann Curry

Ann Curry has a chance here to ask a follow up question to the enlightening wisdom of Chucklenuts, the Out of touch clown. Bush corrects her by saying our economic difficulties have nothing to do with the war, but rather its that we have built too many houses. Instead of being skeptical, Ann just nods politely. Thats what we call "Reporting in Action".

Saturday, February 16, 2008

60 miles down the line of the True History of Man

The real and true history of the origin of man has always been far more compelling than the mythical drivel and fantasy religions that pass for thought in this country.

The Champagne is on Ice...

In Hatcreek California; the first 24/24 full time search for our cosmic comrades has been initiated; thanks to Paul Allen of Microsoft; but certainly not thanks to any government funding. We may discover that we do not have the very best or very latest political system; we may find our legal system is quite primitive and much of what we think we are good at; we are not. As a civilization; we've "just switched on our computers". Its about time; and the most powerful person on the planet is a C student who used to like to blow up frogs as a kid; and giggles when he talks about World War Three. Could a message from someone smarter out there; offer a few tips on improving our political process? Perhaps in the next 25 years...

Yet another senseless gun tragedy? Republicans will pray for you.

After each of these tragedies; there is prayer; then the usual shock; but never any meaningful legislation to simply prevent these kinds of tragedies by no longer assuming that every gun sale is toward a so called "law abiding citizen". A false republican argument. How does anyone know if a so called "law abiding citizen" will always and forever be a law abiding citizen. Most of the nuts and criminals out there at some time were no doubt law abiding citizens. In the latest case the same gun dealer sold weapons to a previous criminal maniac. Hopefully the bad publicity will shut down these candy stores for criminals.

Friday, February 15, 2008

What is this charge on my statement??

Republicans just aren't very imaginative these days. How do they solve problems? War, war, and more war. Societal problems, and economies and energy are difficult issues; but these guys are one trick ponies. Is that their solution to everything? Bomb the hell out of populations? And think that those you bomb will appreciate it? More hated in the world now than ever the United States has lost its Cred. With ideas like War; watch McCain and the filthy republicans all sink like lead logs.